Drinks Edit

Name Cost Weight Description


3GP - 30GP Varies

This green alcoholic drink, made from wormwood, is rumored to enhance creativity, which makes it a favored beverage of artists and eccentrics.


4CP - 2SP

1 lbs - 8 lbs

Ale is a type of beer brewed from malted barley. It has a sweet, full-bodied, and sometimes fruity taste.


8GP – 4GP

1 lbs - 8 lbs

This even stronger version of hard cider is typically made by allowing hard cider to freeze during the winter cold, then removing the ice to extract much of the water from the cider and concentrate the alcohol.



2 lbs

This clear alcoholic beverage, distilled from sorghum, is extremely potent, and is often regarded as an acquired taste due to its corrosive flavor.

Black Stout

A variant of Dwarven Stout.



2 lbs

This drink is a favorite of goblins, boggards, and other primitive humanoids. It is made by soaking a poisonous toad or frog (or its eggs) in weak beer, or by "milking" these animals for their poison and mixing it with the beer (which allows the animal to be used over and over again). Some tribes use wide-mouthed jugs and leave the dead animal inside as a crunchy treat for eating once the drink is gone. The creature drunk on bufo has the dazzled condition in addition to the normal intoxication effect.



2 lbs

This beerlike drink, made from manioc root or corn, requires extensive chewing as part of its production.



1/2 lbs

This drink is brewed by pouring boiling water through crushed, roasted coffee beans. Two cups is potent enough to reduce the penalties from the fatigued condition from -2 to -1 for 1 hour. Brewing your own coffee requires ground coffee beans (5CP for 1 pound of coffee beans, or 8CP for 1 pound of ground beans) and a cooking device. You can boil the grounds in a pot, then pour the liquid after allowing the solids to settle, or filter the drink by pouring it through a sieve or cloth. Many travelers prefer the convenience of using a coffee pot.

Dwarven Stout


1/2 lbs

More a family of beers than one single drink, dwarven stout is known by different names in human lands. Dwarven stouts are dark beers characterized by a slightly burnt flavor and a foamy head; they are said to be as filling as a meal. Most dwarven clans use a recipe unique to that clan, and family rivalries over the best brew may date back for hundreds of years.



1/2 lbs

A foul mix of different alcohols and whatever's handy, grog was invented by pirates and sailors and never managed to crawl far onto land. Grog is no one's first choice of drink, but anyone who's spent enough time on a ship has had at least a taste.

Jungle Coffee


1/2 lbs

Coffee brewed "jungle style" has a winelike acidic taste that is too strong for a novice palate.



1/2 lbs

This style of coffee is served with generous helpings of milk, sugar, and spices to counteract its natural bitterness. Kahve is drunk throughout the day, both at home and at coffeehouses around town. The grounds left in the bottom of a cup are sometimes used for fortune-telling.



1-1/2 lbs

This alcoholic beverage, made from fermented horse milk, has approximately the same potency as typical beer. It is served cold.


5CP - 2 GP

1/2 lbs - 8 lbs

This alcoholic beverage is made by fermenting honey and water. It may be flavored with spices, fruit, or hops.



1/2 lbs

Milk is a nutritious liquid created by mammals, in particular cows, goats, sheep, and horses. Fresh milk is thick and tends to separate. Often, the cream is allowed to rise to the top and then skimmed off, with the remainder served as a beverage.

Oldlaw Whiskey


1 lbs

This single-malt whiskey is made with a recipe that’s nearly 200 years old, and is a favorite alcoholic beverage of old soldiers everywhere.


1SP - 4SP

1/2 lbs - 2 lbs

This nutritious milk-colored alcoholic beverage is fermented from the heart of the agave or century plant.



1/2 lbs

A potent drink featuring rum, wine, ale, eggs, sugar, and spices, rumboozle is served warm in finer taverns.

Sealord Wine


1/2 lbs

These red and white wines grown in certain coastal vineyards have a sweet–tart flavor valued by nobles in many lands.


2CP - 4CP

1/2 lbs

A popular beverage in many regions, tea may be green or black, depending on when the leaves are picked and how they are prepared. It may be served unadorned, or with milk, sugar, lemon, or spices.



1/2 lbs

This mildly alcoholic beverage is made of beer, pineapple (or other tropical fruit), sugar, and cinnamon, then fermented a few days and served cold with chili powder. It is sweet and pleasant but common only in warmer climates.



1/2 lbs

Whiskey is a distilled beverage made from fermented grain mash (typically barley, corn, malt, rye, or wheat) aged in a wooden cask. The longer the drink ages in the cask, the smoother the final product.


2SP - 10GP

1-1/2 lbs - 6 lbs

Wine is made from fermented fruit juice, usually grapes, but also sometimes berries, apples, or even rice (sake). The lower listed price is for unremarkable common wine and the higher is for significantly finer wine, though wine from certain vintners (and specific years) may fetch much higher prices. In colder climates, wine is often mulled with fruit, spices, honey, and almonds and served as a warming beverage during the winter.